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These are a few of the testimonials that the distanceXchange - as the parent of - have received from it's clients...

I received a 5 star service built around professional advice, quick and in a number of cases instant e-mail response, incredibly seamless contact across the US, Australia and Mauritius time-zones, a VIP bridge to the university faculty and administration yielding invaluable help with subject choices, unrelenting follow-up of my application, and speedy delivery on their undertakings beyond my expectations.

The latest Customer Service Training course I have designed makes use of my experience (with them) to illustrate the service elements that create real time customer delight.

Their service is amazingly efficient. They quickly make out where you want to go, they agree it with you. They take you straight there and they do it fast!

As a company Training Officer looking after employee development through distance learning studies I had the opportunity to seek their services

Their excellent quality and speed of service enabled us to immediately identify, evaluate and implement the exact development course sought for our staff within the company allocated time span.

(Joe Baguia - United Arab Emirates)

...provided me with lots of practical help and advice which I found very useful particularly as I found it quite a big commitment I was taking on board.

...always quick to respond to any of my emails and if they couldn't help they were quick to find the answer from someone else.

Their level of follow up was also very good, for example I would receive an email asking if the problem had been solved or did I require further assistance.

As studying aboard can be difficult at times knowing you can always email them is very helpful because you know you'll always get a quick reply and they will help however they can.

(Marko Humphrey - United Kingdom)

...completely surpassed my expectations. The representative assigned to me was knowledgeable about my course of study, responded almost immediately to all of my inquiries, and was friendly and professional at all times.

He gave in depth answers to my questions and took my individual needs into consideration. When problems arose he was quick to offer alternative solutions and made the application and registration process very easy!

(Melissa Toporek - USA)

...a very wise choice I made.

It helped me in ways more than I could possibly expect. University comparisons, subject selection process, enrollment assistance, guidance and motivation, helping me get in touch with faculty, university related problem resolution, career and study tips, advice on books purchases, etc were duely taken care of, which I couldn't have individually managed being in a different country.

The best part was that the speed of service which was instantaneous. It is a holistic distance learning education assistance provider.

Their passionate involvement in helping out can be felt throughout and they make sure that ultimately the student gets the best deal. Through their experience we can avoid the common problems and pitfalls we all would face, as students going through the complex process of distance learning education, wherein most of us are quite new to the whole concept of distance learning.

I found the value of complete range of services offered to be quite unmatched and therefore I am very happy to have chosen them for my educational needs.

(Dhananjay Dashora - India)

I can thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking to study by distance.

First, it was through this service that I found the program that I was looking for. Then, I had great help to deal with all of my questions and kept me in contact with those involved in my application process.

Give it a try!!!

(Kym Acuna-Rutherford - Mexico)

I would like to put on record, their superb efficiency in dealing with all matters (small or big) with seriousness, promptness and putting clients like me at ease.

The way, it which the clients are managed deserves a big credit and thank you ..cheers.

(Gobinathan Nair - Singapore)

As someone new to the idea (and complications) of distance learning, they have been an invaluable ally for me.

Beginning with my initial enrollment in a distance masters program, DE staff have provided excellent support and assistance. They have anticipated problems, quickly and professionally addressed any and all issues I have had and, most importantly, have been wonderfully kind and supportive.

By the nature of distance programs, I've never met any DE staff, but I feel as if I have truly personal relationships.

Honestly, it is only through DE's support and expertise that I decided to enroll in a distance program.

(Eric Mehler - USA)

Answers to queries, facilitating and pushing for responses, and generally acting as intermediary in an efficient and cordial manner within very short timeframes has been the hallmark...

As far as undersigned is concerned, the service provided has actually enabled me to start studies - i am not sure i would have been able to do it otherwise.

(Jean Tissot - Israel)

I believe that other companies should copy the customer service offered in order to improve their businesses.

The service exceeded my expectations, whether in answering questions, solving problems, gathering information for me or in thinking ahead and sending me reminders for due dates.

I am very happy with the support that I have received.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me.

(Caroline Shackleton - Nigeria


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