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about us

is an Official Representative for each of our Institutional partners.

We leverage our expertise in online and distance learning with a specific focus in Journalism and professional writing .

We offer initial academic counselling to prospective students as well as assisting you with course application and successful enrollment.

Our partners specialise in distance learning Journalism & online writing courses. We choose world leaders with an reputation for excellence in supporting the study demands of distance learning students.

Our service is FREE.

Our partners remunerate us directly for services offered to you.

All course fee payments are made payable to our partners. We don't collect fees.


our goal

We will provide you with an exemplary level of personal attention, advice and assistance.

A number of our clients support this achievement with their testimonials.


what we do

We provide an enquiry and enrollment service.

We assist you with appropriate course and subject selection.

We address any concerns or questions you have and then ensure that you have all the necessary information needed to reach an appropriate decision.

We then assist you with the assembly of any necessary documentation to submit your application successfully.

We ensure your application continues to receive prompt and timely attention.

As we manage the enquiry-application-enrollment process from beginning to end, you can be assured that your application will always be "on top of the pile".

We will continually advise you on the status of your application.

We also provide you with a single point of contact. We liaise directly with faculty, finance and admissions offices. Answers are expedient.


who we are

The company management has worked for a number of years with institutions that specifically cater to the unique educational requirements of distance learning students.

We bring together professional management, Internet marketing and technology experts, with extensive experience in identifying and promoting quality education, distance learning & online courses.


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